Silva Balcanica

  Address of Editorial Office

Forest Research Institute – BAS

132, St. Kl. Ohridski Blvd.

1756 Sofia


Tel/Fax: +359 2 962 04 47


This web site was last updated in May 2020

Silva Balcanica moved to another publisher and was migrated to a new internet  platform.

Our new web site is: 22/05/2020

To the Readers

The Scientific Council of the Forest Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences decided to begin publishing Silva Balcanica as International Series in 2001. Since 2014, Silva Balcanica has been published as an International Journal with 2 issues annually.

The Editorial Advisory Board consists of European researchers and specialists in forestry and related sciences mainly from South-eastern Europe.

We are confident that Silva Balcanica will unite the research of specialists and scientists in forestry in South-eastern, Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, and help them in the processes of their European integration.

 The Editorial Board

 February 2014